“Whenever There is PAIN, Something is BROKEN, Sometimes not in the flesh”

(“pain & stress control PTY LTD”2014/040106/07)
  • Been in PAIN for 3 months or more? Your PAIN has become CHRONIC….
  • Have CHRONIC PAIN but all your Medical TESTS came out NEGATIVE??
  • Because of NEGATIVE TESTS you were told there was NOTHING WRONG with you??

  • Negative medical tests may mean: No biological explanation for your pain has been found. Your other domains of life may still hold the cause of your symptoms
  • Any Other SYMPTOMS that bother you just like PAIN for which all TESTS are NORMAL?
  • Have been told EVERY THING IS OK when your stubborn symptoms give you SLEEPLESS Nights?Then think www.paindoc-ochan.com

Range of Symptoms

Chronic PAIN and Chronic STRESS make reading a difficult task……

“Symptoms that don’t make sense to you, and others”


Your first point of call is your family doctor.

A referral to other specialists is second best step.

Pain Clinics & Pain Specialists are your nest points of call.