Range of Symptoms (Problems) That We Manage:

  • “Symptoms that are difficult to explain”……”Symptoms that you may think not make sense”
  • “All your symptoms are taken seriously”
  • “Whatever worries you is taken seriously”
  • A book has been published on www.amazon.com  and www.google.books.com

Title: “Don’t A Small Bang for your Buck”

Author: Dr Walter O Chan

This book simplifies Medical Consultation for you, the patient

  • If you feel the pain in the body, then it is not your mind. The cause may be else where but what you feel and where  you feel it is real.

Treatment Modalities:

The model that we use for the assessment is the conventional medical model.

  • A detailed medical history is taken (You tell us your medical story your way).
  • A thorough physical examination is performed.
  • Basic bed side tests are done.
  • More complex LAB tests and IMAGING (scans) are done if need be.  Remember, most tests would have come out NEGATIVE before you decided to come to us.
  • All your old LAB Results and X-rays/Scans are reviewed.

Multi-modal pain relieving strategies are used.

  • Multi-disciplinary teams form the back bone of most PAIN/STRESS Treatment Centres.  Chronic Pain BREAKS you down in multiple areas without you realizing that you are BROKEN IN MANY Domains besides being in PAIN
  • Chronic PAIN management involves looking at multiple domains of your health/life.
  • “Whenever there is no cure, healing is always an option”.